Adventures in Window Birding

When less-than-favorable weather conditions and the general routine tasks of daily life prevent me from getting out into the field as often as I would like, the birds that hang around our garden are an absolute delight: a literal God-send, in my opinion!  To be able to glance out the window and see the beautiful abundance of life on display in an array of winged creatures is a wonderful blessing.  

In addition to the Oak Titmice that have been hanging around outside the windows lately, here are a few more of my feathered friends, whose presence never fails to cheer and entertain.

Anna's Hummingbird

Several Anna's Hummingbirds can be counted on to liven up the garden with their feisty presence year-round.  They visit hummingbird feeders, strategically placed outside the windows, as well as swaths of flowering plants offering enticing nectar-rich blooms these little gems can't resist!  Here, this male Anna's Hummingbird perches on a cluster of dogwood buds... his favored perch for defending one of "his" feeders!

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Anna's Hummingbird

Another very special backyard visitor, this Lincoln's Sparrow is one of two that have been making themselves at home in the shrubbery outside the kitchen window this winter.  Typically skulkers that can be difficult to get a satisfying look at, it's thrilling to look up from washing dishes and see this sweet face!

Lincoln's Sparrow

For more about the Central Valley's wide array of local sparrow species, check out this article.

No backyard bird garden would be compete without a flock of goldfinches.  While the American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins have been largely absent so far this winter, the lemon-yellow Lesser Goldfinches are always around in decent numbers throughout the year.  During a recent rainstorm, this little guy spent a while perched in a shrub right outside the window, feathers fully floofed as he attempted to shelter out of the way of the elements.

Lesser Goldfinch

Learn more about Lesser Goldfinches in another [slightly older] post!

Lesser Goldfinch

Have a peek out your own window: you might be surprised - and delighted - by what you find there!

*Disclaimer: All photos were taken through my less-than-squeaky-clean windows!!*


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